Jaynee is the performer, the band and the music all combined into one small, yet strikingly beautiful package.

Jaynee is the product of a mixed heritage marriage between a Filipina and a Scotsman; such a rare combination was sure to produce a unique individual with eclectic tastes that permeates all the way through to her music.

Her parents, both from musical families full of guitarists, singers and percussionists, had the suspicion that their daughter would have performing aspirations as from the age of 4 she used to stand up on top of her toy box in the living room and sing and dance to Whitney Houston's 'Dance With Somebody' before slowing it down with 'Greatest Love of All'. At that moment they knew that they would have to harness these gifts and promptly enrolled her at Sylvia Young's Theatre School where she would walk the same path as other London performers such as The Saturdays' Vanessa White, Sugababe's Jade Ewen and Leona Lewis.

At SYTS, she studied Dance, Drama and most importantly, Singing in order to develop the naturally emotive voice that she had been given. She won parts in various commercials, films and television programmes but 'The Saint' and 'Harry Potter' (and the Chamber of Secrets) were most memorable for the young performer.

As well as being involved in the performance side of the showbiz scene, she also made sure that music, as an academic subject, was taken seriously. She was actively involved in school choirs and orchestras, right through from Primary to Secondary school culminating in performances with the Gospel Choir at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Fairfield Halls, Croydon. Jaynee also took the opportunities to perform solos within these choirs as often as possible, showcasing her skills as a budding vocalist.

She also took piano lessons while at school, and was keen to take music as a GCSE option.

Receiving an A* grade for music GCSE was one of my greatest achievements at school.

(She also received 9 other GCSE's graded A*-B)

After completing secondary school, Jaynee knew that she had to pursue her musical ambitions further, with the intention of developing her voice, and did this by winning a place at the renowned BRIT School (British Recording Industry Trust) in Croydon, South London were artists such as Amy Winehouse, Jessie J and Adele had studied. It was here that Jaynee began to develop her talent for songwriting and began to collaborate with other young musicians, feeding her taste for live music and performance. Jaynee has said:

The BRIT School was an amazing experience. Being immersed in such a creative environment with other people like me really showed me that this [performing] is what I want to do with my life. I loved it! If I could do it all over again, I would!

After finishing at BRIT, she decided to continue her musical education by studying for a degree in Popular Music Performance at the Tech Music Schools where the 'keep music live' ethos was most prevalent. It is here where she met some of the people who constitute the Jaynee band today. Weekly performance helped her to cultivate the individual stage presence that audiences can see today but it was the demand for different styles that really opened Jaynee up to the diversity that now envelops her music. Each semester would focus on a new genre such as Rock, Funk, Blues, Folk, Country, Soul, Jazz and R'n'B. This course also allowed Jaynee to understand the science behind recording music whilst taking modules in sequencing and live sound; enabling Jaynee to become familiar with Pro Tools which would be the destination platform for laying down her songs.

Her music has been described as 'soulful pop with funky, rock driven roots'. So it's fair to say that she is no stranger to amalgamation of her own desire. Together with long-time collaborator, Kingdom, she creates an entirely new brand of Pop, which holds the concept of 'live music' very close to its heart: This is where Jaynee, the band, comes into play.

Ed Stafford on Drums and Joe James on Bass lay down the locked in syncopation of musicians twice their age and provide the foundations for the songs to groove. Both graduates from the Tech Music Schools, they have been well schooled in their rhythmic fields and are comfortable with all styles of music. (This comes in handy since Jaynee composes with no genre-specific boundaries.) Ed has said:

You never know what you're gonna get when you come into rehearsal and Jaynee says she's got some new material for us to play through! Will it be heavy Rock style drums like 'You Ain't Got Me'? Or maybe the laid back R'n'B grooves of 'Truly Amazing'? Or even the Funky undertones of a song like 'The Way I Feel'? You genuinely never know but that's exactly what makes playing in this band so exciting; you have to be ready for anything!

Jaynee's music is a mixture of most popular genres over the past 50 years. From the off-beat, reggae vibe of 'Thinking About You' to the R'n'B tones of 'Need to Know'; from the steady rocking beats of 'You Ain't Got Me' to the bluesy vibe of 'Something': There is truly an amalgamative concept running throughout the songs but with the distinct cohesion of Jaynee's melodies and vocal delivery.

There is something undeniably honest about the way she sings each note on this album, as if she truly connects with each lyric and lays it all out there for the audience to hear. This is certainly not a concept that is typical of most modern Pop music with the polished, auto-tuned recordings that the radio is used to playing; this is truly a work of passion and dedication directly from the songwriter straight to the listener.

Jaynee's debut album has been gestating over a long period of time in order to ensure the performance could be executed exactly as she hears it in her mind. After sufficient gigging around at London venues such as The Bedford, Embassy, Sound, Barfly to name a few; she felt that the time was right to deliver this body of work to a larger audience as far and wide as possible. Certain songs were revamped jams from back in her BRIT School days, some were 'work in progress' ideas that were recorded whilst at University and other have been freshly written for the purpose. All songs have been recorded over the past year in Roundhouse Studios, Camden where Jaynee had complete control over her end product.

I'm excited and anxious to let the songs out on the public. I've worked really hard at writing honest, personal and interesting tracks and I hope people can feel something of that when they listen to the album.

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